joy of love: routine

Routine = bathtime. Bathtime is a signal for the end of the day for Fiona. It comes before snuggle time and eventually sleep. I enjoy it as much as she does, especially when I add a drop of lavender essential oil into the water and soak my feet. It helps both of us wind down and relax.

Nikon D200 – 1/160s – f/1.8 – ISO500


joy of love: the eyes

Todd has very pretty eyes, but I think his “aerodynamic” nose and expressionate mouth are his more dominant facial features. It was interesting to use today’s assignment to isolate his eyes:

NikonD200 – 1/500s – 50mm – f/1.8 – ISO800

joy of love: hobby

Today’s joy of love from Willette assignment asked for us to photograph our loved one doing their hobby. Even though Todd has not played with his robots in forever, I made him take a break from the CopperDog responsibilities that he is drowning in to pull out one of his creations for a photo op. Here is the one I submitted (and below are some close contenders):

joy of love: gift from the heart

Today’s assignment was to find and photograph something that our loved one has said, done or given to signify their love for us. I snapped some shots of my wedding bands, of Fiona, of Fiona with my wedding bands. But then as silly as it sounds, I snapped some photos of the iPad (and even some of Fiona with the iPad).

Our love in this family is so complete, so unconditional. We don’t spend on gifts at holidays to prove our love, we hardly remember our anniversary, we don’t see a need to pay special attention to material things on these arbitrary days. Instead, everyday is when we display how much we love each other. We bought the iPad for our family on an “everyday” without a reason other than we loved each other and wanted to add some fun.

joy of love: who they love

My daughter really loves so many things. I snapped photos of her with her stuffed animals, the balloon she walks around with (yes, a 10-cent balloon rocks her world). Nothing really came out though. I have to work on how I capture light. Or maybe just try to take photos in the daylight. It is hard when it gets dark at 6 p.m. here. I finally took one of her feeding Yuki and Shilo. She loves them. They are her siblings.

joy of love: love to hate

Oh Lord. Today’s joy of love assignment was to photograph the thing that our loved one does that drives us bonkers. This is a challenge … not because I can’t think of anything. But because I’d love to photograph it without him knowing. I just don’t think I am that incognito of a snapper yet. So at dinner, I was able to pop the camera up from my lap and snap a few of Todd … eating. His table manners and my table nammers just don’t jive. Never have. And I have lost hope that they ever will. Captured below:

Joy of Love: what they wear

Today’s assignment entailed photographing our loved one’s clothes. I snapped a few close ups of Fiona’s shoes, Todd’s blue jeans, Fiona;s ruffled cuff. But then I spotted them. When Fiona was born I wanted to get her a pair of sunglasses. But not just any pair. I didn’t want princesses or puppies all over them. I wanted cool, chic glasses for my kid. I finally found a pair of infant-sized, aqua, rayban-style sunglasses on ebay for two bucks. They were from teh eighties. I bought them without a second thought.

Sometime last month, she was playing with them and the lenses popped out. Then the funny really started to happen. She was a little beatnik! So here she is in her lensless glasses.

joy of love: then and now

Today’s photo assignment was to photograph a loved one now and compare to a photograph of them in the past.

After work, Todd helped me try to capture some photos ofFiona interacting with a large photo we took of her when see was 4 or 5 months old.

After Fiona went to bed, I shot a few of Todd and an old photo of himself. But after looking at them, they seemed too posed.


This is the photo I chose to submit:

Nikon D200 / 50mm / 1/80 / f1.8 / ISO1000