First-time photographers assistant

Pinning boutonnière onto Groom

Handsome groom getting his boutonnière pinned on by none other than ME! Yep, those are my hands.

This past weekend I took a break from being “mom” and Brassard Media employee to be an assistant to brockit’s first photographer, Adam Johnson. It was a wedding of some friends that Todd and I were invited to as guests, but decided that since we are putting a new roof on our rental, we probably shouldn’t be taking extra trips. But then I discovered our friend Adam was shooting the wedding and needed an assistant. I jumped on the chance to make a few extra bucks and also get to go to Carlin and Jake’s wedding.

The weekend was divine. Friday was rainy, but Saturday turned into a perfect day. It all took place in Manitowish Waters, WI. If you ever get to go there, it is just beautiful. Adam and I gushed to our respective spouses that we will be taking vacations there soon.

Here are some pictures that brockit posted on their facebook page:


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