A drooling geek

I’m drooling over the apple iPhone 4 today after my coworker and I stopped all productivity to read the live blogcasts of the apple keynote at WWDC 2010.It’s funny how we get so excited over a little chunk of metal, plastic and glass. We sat there drooling and giggling and gasping while we should have been working.

I will most likely not be getting the iPhone 4. I got my iPhone 3GS last year and must wait for my contract to come to an end … or at least get closer to the end so I might opt into the early renewal deal. It’s funny how AT&T gets ya that way.

The pattern is that Apple has a new release every June. I started out with the first generation iPhone, skipped the 3G, got the 3GS and now will be getting whatever new model comes out next summer. It’s a pretty good rotation of technology.

And still I feel silly for caring so much. What’s this blog called again? Oh yeah …


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