Itchin’ for some new (baby) shoes

Oh man, am I ever itchin’ to make some baby shoes for Fiona. I want to make something comfortable for her to wear, easy for me to put on and finally, something that STAYS on her feet. After perusing for some patterns online and especially in etsy, I have found “the ones.”

These are going to be my first try:

Vintage Flare Baby Loafers @ Winter Peach’s Etsy Shop

These are some others that I’ll probably make at some point, too.

Soft baby shoe tutorial @ The Family Centered Life

Baby booties @ Hello my name is Heather

Cloth Baby Shoes @ Stardust Shoes (photo credit: Michael Miller Fabrics)

Ballerina Shoe @ Homespun Threads Etsy Shop

Another Ballerina Shoe @ Sweet Pea Pattern’s Etsy Shop

Now I’m thinking fabric. I’ve got some really cool fabric remnants from some IKEA curtains …


2 thoughts on “Itchin’ for some new (baby) shoes

  1. Before babies starts walking, they don’t need shoes. In fact, supportive shoes like hard-soled Mary Janes may actually get in the way of your child’s developing mobility. Socks, booties, and soft-soled baby shoes are useful for warmth, but bare feet are fine, too.,

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