Big Old Clothes, Little New Clothes

So today, I got my inhabitots “enter to win” email. And the requirement to enter was to post an answer to the question: How are you teaching your green kid the value of good design?

My answer: I am starting to make clothes for Fiona. And instead of buying brand new fabric for these cool, modern outfits (the “good design” part), I am re-purposing fabric from old mommy and daddy clothes (the “green” part). I don’t have any pictures of what I have done yet. But here are some cool ideas from the ether:



From ManiMina’s Etsy Store


2 thoughts on “Big Old Clothes, Little New Clothes

  1. You picked some good ones! I just showed my son (pictured above) how you used this picture. He was thrilled. (He graduated from Kindergarten today!)

    I hope you have success with those dresses. I tried and failed miserably. However, what I morphed the dress into is pretty cute.

    • After finding your handsome little guy in those ROCKING pants, how could I not feature his photo. Glad he’s okay with it. Congratulations on his graduation!

      Also, I love your blog. I am new to blogging, but I hope to have as much fun with it as you seem to have!

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